door glass
1. Q.Do I need special RPE for use with ColorSpray GRP?

A.ColorSpray GRP uses a PU base material which has special health and safety implications. However, it is the right material to use for such an application where the paint will be exposed to the elements and could get easily scratched if inferior products were used. We recommend the use of an air-fed spray mask. For further information please consult the HSE website at (for UK customers)

2. Q.Can I spray onto coloured doors

A. It is possible to spray on to pre-coloured standard doors from Nan-Ya, Capstone and Doorstop , however, it is not possible to repaint a previously spray painted door. With coloured doors such as black, blue and green it may be necessary to apply a 4th coat of ColorSpray GRP to ensure the old colour doesn't show through

3. Q.Why does colour look different on PVC and GRP?

A. As you are painting two differtent substrates the light reflection will vary and give the illusion of a slight difference in colour. This is also noticeable when painting foiled frames and GRP doors- as the grain definition is different the colour can look slightly different.

4. Q.Which Gloss level should I use?

A. We offer 2 levels of gloss, Semi Matt and Semi Gloss and recommend the semi Gloss for most bold colours and the semi matt for more muted heritage colours.

5. Q.Can I have special colours without buying the full system?

A. We offer a range of 22 standard colours which we believe covers the majority of requirements but we can supply "specials" for a minimum volume of 25 litres of premixed A and colourant. Lead time is normally 5 working days.

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